Airport Narita Rapid Train

The Airport Narita (not to be confused with the Narita Express, NE'X) is a rapid train providing access between Narita Airport and south-western greater Tokyo.

The name "Airport Narita" is given only to trains going to Narita Airport; however, there are express (kaisoku) trains going the opposite direction, on the same Narita Line from Narita Airport, that serve the same stations the Airport Narita does, so are virtually the same service. For example, from Narita Airport there are 7 express trains daily that terminate at Zushi, 3 on weekdays (4 on weekends) that terminate at Yokosuka, and 8 on weekdays (9 on weekends) that terminate at Kurihama, the end of the Yokosuka Line.

Most Airport Narita trains are 15-car trains, two cars of which are double-decker Green Cars with more comfortable, reserved, seating.

Narita Rapid Train

Narita Rapid Train

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