Nerima Station 練馬駅

Nerima Station Ext

Nerima Station Bridge, Seibu Ikebukuro Line, Tokyo

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Nerima Station in western Tokyo is a busy commuter station on the Toei Oedo Line, the Seibu Ikebukuro Line and the Seibu Toshima Line.


Fukutoshin train outbound from Nerima Station.


The second floor North Exit of the Seibu Ikebukuro Line leads onto a large elevated platform. It is quiet, there are benches, there is a smoking area. Walking a few steps further north brings you into a small park centered around the Nerima Bunka Center, the Nerima Culture Hall. Multiple events take place at the hall, mostly aimed at residents but of course open to the general public.

The street level outside the North Exit is the area for local buses and taxi stands.

Nerima Culture Center

North of Nerima Station - the Nerima Culture Center, Tokyo

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The Central Exit (on the East side) and the West Exit of the Seibu Line are both close to Senkawa Dori, the busy thoroughfare running close to the southern side of the station. The main exit of the Toei Oedo Line leads straight onto that street.

Senkawa Dori is lined with shops, fast food outlets and the like. From Senkawa Dori, several alleys extend further south, the most prominent of them is called Chuo Street.

Those alleys form a sort of small entertainment district, mostly consisting of izakaya bars, restaurants and karaoke parlors. Family friendly businesses in generally rather quiet environs.

Spending an evening in one of those establishments, bustling transfer hub Nerima Station seems miles away - until you need to take your own train back home later in the evening.

Nerima South

South of Nerima Station - Senkawa Dori, Tokyo

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