The new Pasmo Passport 

  • Published on : 06/09/2019
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A Pasmo Card for visitors as well as a Japan souvenir

Starting from 1rst of september 2019, a new Pasmo Card is available and dedicated to Japan visitors.

What is the difference with the Pasmo Card?

The new Card costs 2000 ¥ ( including 500 ¥ for issuing fee) and is only available 28 days. You can recharge the card as any prepaid card but at the end of your trip, you will not get the money back.

The Pasmo passport has a nice design : it will be a good Japan souvenir.You can get special offers at registered spots. Click here to check the Pasmo passport website.The Pasmo passport is also available for children.



©OiMax,,CC BY 2.0,

Where to buy a Pasmo Passport?

This new card is only on sale on tickets office in some Tokyo's stations and airports :

In Narita Airport: 

  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 Sta."Skyliner & Keisei Information Center" 
  • Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 Sta."Skyliner & Keisei Information Center"

In Haneda Airport:

  • Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta."Keikyu Tourist Information Center Haneda Airport International Terminal Station"
  • Shinagawa Sta."Keikyu Tourist Information Center Shinagawa Station"

©markus-winkler, unsplash

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