How to get from Kyoto to Osaka

No two cities are said to represent the Kansai Region more than Kyoto and Osaka, and getting from one to the other is made easy with the popular limited express trains that service the area!

Trip Duration Approx. 15-35 mins
First & Last Departure 6:00 AM/11:07 PM
💶 Cost From 1,00 to 2,807 yen
🚆 Distance 43 kilometers
🚉 Departing/Arriving Station Kyoto Station/
Osaka Station
Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansnen TrainsThunderbird Limited Express TrainHaruka Limited Express TrainKeihan Line
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Oversized Baggage on the Limited Express trains

While there are limitations to baggage size on the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen, other Shinkansen lines and Limited Express trains DO NOT have such regulations. This includes the Thunderbird and Haruka Limited Express Trains. However, to get to Osaka from Kyoto in Kansai, the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen is a popular option, so if you plan to utilize this Shinkansen train line, be aware that any luggage that is 160cm in total dimensions (LxWxH) up to 250cm is considered “oversized” and will need a special seat reservation that simultaneously allows for use of the oversized luggage area for storage. 

Dimensions for luggage on the Shinkansen bullet train

Kyoto is a metropolitan city for sure, but it's not like other major cities in Japan because it has mountains on three sides and a lot of traditional architecture instead of tall skyscrapers. Benefit from Kyoto's distinctive topography by spending some time on a leisurely trek where you can take in the surrounding scenery. One of the simpler walks in the area is from Shogunzuka to Seiryuden, which takes around two hours to reach Chion-in Temple. Enjoy an unrestricted perspective of the city from a high vantage point and discover Kyoto in a way you never would have imagined.


@sorasak-_UIN, Unsplash

The vibrant central Osaka areas of Umeda, Namba, and Dotonbori are a favorite destination for tourists due to their distinctive Japanese urban environment and plenty of diverse businesses. Dotonbori's running Glico Man, commonly regarded as the Osaka symbol, is a popular photo location overlooking the area's renowned bridge. You won't have to go far to find a more subdued mood if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center because Honmachi is a more tranquil district that is still close to it.

Although Osaka is well recognized for its energetic  atmosphere, art and culture lovers should also make time to visit this city. Because the city hosted the World's Expo in 1970, artist Taro Okamoto built the famous "Tower of the Sun" (太陽の塔).

Osaka - Dotonbori - Canal

Osaka - Dotonbori - Canal

©Juliana Barquero - unsplash

Tower of the Sun by Taro Okamamoto in Osaka, Japan

Tower of the Sun by Taro Okamamoto in Osaka, Japan


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