How to get from Tokyo to Takayama

Though both Tokyo and Takayama exist in central Honshu, they represent very different parts of Japan, the former a major metropolitan city home to more than 12 million people and the latter a charming escape within the mountains. 

Trip Duration Approx. 4-5 hours
First & Last Departure 6:00AM/9:04PM
💶 Cost From 14,800 yen
🚆 Distance 520 kilometers
🚉 Departing/Arriving Station Tokyo or Shinagawa Station/
Takayama Station
Nozomi Shinkansen Bullet Train Mizuho Shinkansen Bullet Train Hikari Shinkansen Bullet Train Kodama Shinkansen Bullet Train
Hida Limited Express

Hida Limited Express


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Oversized Baggage on the Shinkansen

There are several standards that must be fulfilled in order for passengers who have bulky baggage to board the bullet train. As mandated by Japan Railway, luggage over 160 cm in total length, width, and height must be checked into the special large baggage area at the rear of the train car. Owners of such luggage are also required to book seats close to this area. Please take note that no luggage over 250 cm in total size is permitted on the Shinkansen. 

Baby carriages, musical instruments in cases, and sports equipment (bikes, snowboards, etc.) in cases are among the items that are exempt from these luggage regulations.

Dimensions for luggage on the Shinkansen bullet train

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The surroundings of Tokyo Station are largely commercial, consisting of upscale, elegant shopping districts and department stores, restaurants that range from quick-eats to fine-dining, and tranquil parks such as Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace Park. Within the station exists an extensive network of more shops and restaurants, as well as a few department stores.

Shinagawa Station exists in a more business-centric district with a number of affordable, fast-casual dining-oriented restaurants in the area to cater to office workers. However, there are a number of attractions that visitors or those waiting to board their departing Shinkansens can entertain themselves with, including the Maxell Aqua Park and Nikon Camera Museum.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan


For fans of anime, Hida-Furukawa Station is an essential visit, as both it and the surrounding area were heavily featured in the 2016 smash hit “Your Name” by Makoto Shinkai.

A charming getaway in northern Gifu Prefecture rests amongst mountains and lush forests. With a number of towns with modest streets adorned with small shops and restaurants, its a fantastic escape for travelers to relax and see life in the countryside of Japan.

Takayama is a bit out of the way from Tokyo but is well worth the trip. It is most conveniently accessed via the Shinkansen out to Nagoya, then a transfer onto the Hida Limited Express. The Hida Limited Express Train will provide direct access to Hida Takayama. Being in the Japanese countryside, a few of the towns in Takayama, such as Furukawa, Hida, and Shirakawago, have a bit of distance between them, but buses and other forms of transportation are available. 


Takayama, Gifu


Shirakawago, Takayama


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