How to get from Tokyo to Otsuki

From the iconic Shinjuku Station, the JR Chuo Main Line has limited express train options for getting from the world's busiest train station out to the much more subdued and tranquil Otsuki in Yamanashi. 

Trip Duration Approx.1-2 hours
First & Last Departure 5:02 AM/ 10:56 PM
💶 Cost From 1,340 to 2,820 yen
🚆 Distance 87 kilometers
🚉 Departing/Arriving Station Shinjuku Station/
Otsuki Station
Kaiji Limited Express TrainAzusa Limited Express TrainChuo Main Line Special Rapid Train
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Tokyo's vast public transit system, which makes getting around the city easy, is one of the city's main attractions. This is particularly for JR Pass holders, who will have unrestricted use of the JR Lines both inside Tokyo and while leaving. The Shinkansen Bullet Train stops at Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, and Ueno Station. 

To get to Otsuki from Tokyo, the Chuo Main Line bullet train is ridden from Shinjuku Station, the busiest train station in the world, with upwards of 3.5 million people commuting through it daily. The surroundings of Shinjuku Station are a treasure trove of discovery, with quality shopping, nice restaurants, and other spots to keep anyone entertained all around. 

Shinjuku Station, Tokyo

Shinjuku Station, Tokyo


Other great spots to take in the nature of the area include the Saruhashi Bridge and Taro Jiro Falls. Saruhashi Bridge is notable for its unique architecture, built by the linking of the arms of the monkeys in the area of Otsuki, as the legend goes. The intriguing design has it designated as one of the three “unusual bridges” of Japan. Below, the rock formations and rushing river can be seen. Taro Jiro Falls is a relatively easy spot to access for those visiting Otsuki. The location actually consists of two separate waterfalls that go into the valley river. The name is derived from an alleged pair of brother bandits that operated out of the area in the olden days. Apparently, rather than face arrest when law enforcement caught up to them, the two decided to jump off the respective waterfalls. The legend continues to this day, but with the names “Taro” and “Jiro” being relatively common monikers for boys in historic Japan, the validity of the tale is up to question, but the spirit of the event lives on with the synonymity of the natural landmark with the city of Otsuki. 

Saruhashi Bridge

Saruhashi Bridge


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