Can I ride the Nozomi & Mizuho Shinkansen with the Japan Rail Pass?

The Shinkansen bullet train is hailed as one of the most premium and efficient means of rail travel in the entire world, making it a popular choice for visitors to Japan who are engaging in travel between different destinations throughout the country.


While the trains aren’t 100% included with the new Japan Rail Pass price, this added flexibility will certainly serve as a plus for many travelers to Japan, especially if it’s their first time. 

The additional fees for the most common routes are displayed below:

  • Tokyo > Kyoto: 4960 yen
  • Tokyo > Shin Osaka: 4960 yen
  • Tokyo > Hiroshima: 6500 yen
  • Tokyo > Hakata: 8140 yen
  • Shin-Osaka > Hiroshima: 4,170 yen
  • Shin-Osaka > Hakata: 4,960 yen
  • Hakata > Kagoshima-Chuo:  4,500 yen
Shinkansen Nozomi circulant en extérieur

Shinkansen Nozomi

MaedaAkihiko, Wikimedia Commons

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