Can I ride the Nozomi & Mizuho Shinkansen with the Japan Rail Pass?

  • Published on : 18/08/2023
  • by : Joshua
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The Shinkansen bullet train is hailed as one of the most premium and efficient means of rail travel in the entire world, making it a popular choice for visitors to Japan who are engaging in travel between different destinations throughout the country.

While the Japan Rail Pass can be purchased at its current, more affordable prices up to the end of September (and subquentially exchanged and activated up to the end of December, 2023), as many have likely heard, the Japan Rail Pass will be seeing a fairly significant price increase in October of this year. 

  • More in-depth information on this price increase can be found here.  

While this price increase may have come as an unexpected surprise to many, there are some additional changes being made that do serve as a silver lining.

Shinkansen Nozomi circulant en extérieur

Shinkansen Nozomi

MaedaAkihiko, Wikimedia Commons

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