Train in Japan : on line reservation Overview

  • Published on : 03/11/2018
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With a Japan Rail Pass

Train in Japan : on line reservation Overview with a Japan Rail Pass

JR Kyushu Train reservation

You can do on line seat reservation for Kyushu Limited Express trains only if you have booked a Kyushu Rail Pass with a referred travel agency.

It is only for the following  limited Express :

  • Yufuin no Mori (Hakata ↔ Yufuin/Beppu),
  • Yufu (Hakata ↔ Beppu/Oita),
  • Ibusuki no Tamatebako (Kagoshima-Chuo ↔ Ibusuki),
  • KAWASEMI YAMASEMI (Kumamoto ↔ Hitoyoshi),
  • A-TRAIN (Kumamoto ↔ Misumi),
  • Umisachi-Yamasachi (Miyazaki ↔ Nango),
  • Aso Boy! (Beppu/Oita ↔ Aso),
  • SL Hitoyoshi (Kumamoto ↔ Hitoyoshi)

Price : 1000 yens

Yufuin No Mori

Yufuin No Mori

©Tayawee Supan, unsplash

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