Orange Hisatsu Railway 肥薩おれんじ鉄道

  • Published on : 20/08/2019
  • by : Japan Experience
Hisatsu Train Exterior

One of the Kumamon themed trains on the Orange Hisatsu Railway in southern Kyushu

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The Orange Hisatsu Railway is a private railway that runs 117 kilometers between Yatsushiro in Kumamoto and Sendai in Kagoshima.


There are a total of 28 stations on the 117 kilometer route including 4 stations that connect to the Shinkansen line.

Mostly only local trains run on the line and the time for the whole journey is a little under three hours. Izumi, famous for its cranes in winter is about half way along the line. The fare for the whole length is 2,620 yen.

The JR Rail Pass is not usable on the line, but the railway has a One Day Pass for foreign visitors for only 1,200 yen, or a Two Day Pass for 2,000 yen, obtainable from Sendai, Izumi, or Yatsushiro stations.

Kagoshima Sendai Station

Sendai Station in Kagoshima with services on the JR Kagoshima Line, the Kyushu Shinkansen, and the private Orange Hisatsu Railway

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