Sendai Subway

  • Published on : 31/10/2022
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Sendai Subway

Sendai Subway

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Sendai subway has two lines: the north-south Namboku Line and the east-west Tozai Line. Sendai Station is the major intersection of the two lines.

Sendai Subway Stations

Namboku Line

The 17 stations on the Namboku Line of the Sendai subway are: Tomizawa, Nagamachi-Minami, Nagamachi (connects with the Tohoku Main Line, Joban Line and Sendai Airport Line), Nagamachi-Itchome, Kawaramachi, Atagobashi, Itsutsubashi, Sendai, Hirose-dori, Kotodai-Koen, Kita-Yobancho, Kita-Sendai (connects with the Senzan Line), Dainohara, Asahigaoka, Kuromatsu, Yaotome and Izumi-Chuo.

International Center Station Sendai Subway

International Center Station Sendai Subway

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