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Takamatsu, the prefectural capital of Kagawa Prefecture, is one of the four main cities (Kochi, Matsuyama and Tokushima are the others) on the island of Shikoku.

Find information here on getting to and around Takamatsu by public transport.

The Yosan Line runs west from Takamatsu Station to Matsuyama Station (2 hours, 30 minutes) in Ehime Prefecture and then south west to Uwajima. The Kotoku Line connects Tokushima Station with Takamatsu Station in about 70 minutes by limited express train.

JR Marine Liner trains from Okayama Station run south to Takamatsu over the across the Seto Ohashi Bridge in 55 minutes, Tokushima (with a change in Takamatsu to the Uzushio Express) in around 2 hours, Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture on the Shiokaze Limited Express in 2 hours, 40 minutes and Kochi on the Nanpu Limited Express in 2 hours, 40 minutes.

Connection times from Takamatsu Station are 2 hours, 30 minutes to Matsuyama Station and 2 hours, 33 minutes to Kochi Station.

Train from Takamatsu Station

Train from Takamatsu Station

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The Shido Line from Kawaramachi Station to Kotoden-Shido Station in Sanuki is 12.5 km long with 16 stations and is the line to take to Yashima and its nearby attractions such as Shikoku Mura. The journey time from Kawaramachi Station to Kotoden-Shido Station is 34 minutes.

one-day ticket for Kotoden trains is 1,400 yen for adults and 700 yen for children.

The IruCa (a play on the word for "dolphin") is the local prepaid card and can also be used in various shops. The card costs 2,000 yen which includes a 500 yen returnable deposit (minus a 100 yen charge).

Kotoden Train

Kotoden Train, Takamatsu


Local Kotoden bus in Takamatsu

Local Kotoden bus in Takamatsu

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There are ferry connections from Takamatsu Ferry Port and other ports in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku to various destinations in Honshu and the Inland Sea.

These include boats to Kobe, Okayama and to NaoshimaShodoshimaMegishima and Ogishima (Megijima & Ogijima) in the Inland Sea. From Takamatsu Port boats to Naoshima take about one hour.

Megijima and Ogijima are reached by ferry from Takamatsu with a departure roughly every two hours. The journey takes 20 minutes to Megijima and 40 minutes to Ogijima.

Ferry at Takamatsu Port

Ferry at Takamatsu Port


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