Tottori Station 鳥取駅

  • Published on : 09/12/2018
  • by : Japan Experience
Tottori Station Entrance

Tottori Station south side entrance.

Tottori Station is the main station serving Tottori city, the capital of Tottori Prefecture - the least-populated prefecture in Japan.

tottori station 1

North entrance to Tottori JR Railway Station

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Limited Express Trains

From Tottori running west on the San-in Line there are several Limited Express trains that operate. The Super Hakuto goes as far as Kurayoshi, the Super Matsukaze as far as Masuda in Shimane and the Super Oki all the way to Shin-Yamaguchi Station in Yamaguchi.

Kurayoshi is 30 minutes away, Yonago 60 minutes, Matsue 85 minutes, Izumo 110 minutes, Masuda 220 minutes, Tsuwano  250 minutes, and Shin-Yamaguchi in 310 minutes.

Only local trains run east from Tottori on the San-in Line, passing through the UNESCO registered Sanin Kaigan Global Geopark, reaching Hamasaka in 45 minutes, Kinosaki Onsen in 120 minutes, Toyooka in 125 minutes, and Fukuchiyama in 200 minutes.

Tottori Platforms

The platforms at Tottori Station

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