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Travelling to Japan

Before travelling to Japan it is the customer's responsibility to understand and adhere to all administrative and health formalities. You must check requirements for your own specific circumstances with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates and your own doctor as applicableYou should obtain up to date advice on passport, visa and health requirements from the Embassy,
High Commission or Consulate of your destination or country(ies) through which you are travelling.

Japan Experience do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel, or incur any other loss because you have not complied with any passport, visa, immigration requirements or health formalities. Customers unable to board a flight or enter a country due to incorrect documentation are not entitled to any refund or compensation from us.


  • Japan Rail Pass
The Japan Rail Pass exchange voucher produced by Japan Experience is refundable up to one year from the order date. There is a 15% cancellation fee withheld from the refund.
Shipping fees are not refundable.

If you lose your Japan Rail Pass, reimbursement can only occur  if the pass has not been exchanged and 4 months from the issue date of the exchange coupon. The cancellation fee remains 15% as long as there is validation from our supplier that the exchange coupon has not been exchanged.

Upon purchase of your Japan Rail Pass exchange voucher, the purchaser acknowledges the terms and conditions for eligibility for use of the Japan Rail Pass, available on our website at the time of purchase.

Japan Experience is not responsible for any denied exchange of the voucher for the Japan Rail Pass once in Japan, regardless of the reason.

  • JRP Assistance 
The JRP Assistance is non refundable

  • Pocket Wifi
The Pocket Wifi is refundable up to one week before the start of rental. Past this date, the Pocket Wifi is no longer refundable. There is a 10% cancellation fee.

Any penalties due to late returns or loss of the device are calculated in Yen and will be invoiced in the currency of the purchase.

For all technical questions or malfunctions, please first contact Global Advanced Communications by email: info@globaladvancedcomm.com or by telephone at +81 3 5843 7636.

If the Pocket Wifi is lost or not received in a timely manner by our partners Global Advanced Communications at the end of its rental period, this will automatically give rise to all of the statutory consequences of default, without any special reminder being required. In particular, we reserve the right to debit the card used when placing the order. Furthermore, the entire balance shall become due and payable immediately. Late returns will incur a charge of 400 JPY per day, and lost devices a flat fee of 20000 JPY.

  • SIM Card
The SIM card is refundable if it has never been used and its packaging is intact. It must be returned within one month of the purchase date. There is a 10% cancellation fee.

  • Pasmo and Suica
Because the Pasmo and Suica cards sold on our website are not registered to an individual, unfortunately they are not eligible for a refund or a replacement.

  • Limousine Bus Tokyo
The Tokyo Limousine Bus transfers are refundable if they have never been used and if the voucher are returned within one year of the purchase date. There is a 10% cancellation fee.

  • Yasaka Kyoto
The Yasaka Shuttle transfers are refundable if they have never been used up to one week before the date of transfer. There is a 10% cancellation fee.

  • Shipping costs 
Shipping costs are non refundableOptionsProducts such as the Japan by Train guide, the JR train timetable and the Tokyo/Kyoto map are not refundable.


Whilst we will make all reasonable efforts to show accurate information on our website, we cannot guarantee the price or our ability to supply any particular item shown.

All prices shown on our website, www.japan-rail-pass.com, are to be seen as guide prices, and as such do not constitute an offer to sell. The formal contract formation and our acceptance of your order only occurs once we have both received your payment and dispatched the goods. Until we have formally accepted your order, received your payment and dispatched the order, placement of an order will constitute an offer to purchase.

All prices listed on the website Japan-rail-pass.com are indexed according to the value of the Yen and may vary depending on its fluctuation.


In accordance with articles L211-8 and L211-18 of the tourism code, the provisions of articles R211-5 to R211-13 of the tourism code, as reproduced in the text below, are not applicable to booking or sales operations relating to travel tickets which are not part of a tourist package. The brochure, quote, proposal and organiser's programme shall be contractual upon signing the registration form.

In the absence of a brochure, quote, programme or proposal, before the user signs this document, it shall constitute prior information, as stated in article R211-7 of the tourism code. It shall be null and void if not signed within 24 hours from the time of issue.

In the event of assignment of the contract, the assignor and/or assignee are bound to pay the resulting fees beforehand. Where these fees exceed the sums displayed at the sales outlet and those stated in the contractual documents, documentary evidence shall be provided.

Japan Experience has taken out an insurance contract with HISCOX 19 rue Louis le Grand 75002 Paris, guaranteeing its professional civil liability up to 3 800 000 Euros.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
This section applies to the operations and activities listed in article L. 211-1, in the last paragraph of article L. 211-3 and article L. 211-4.

However, it only applies to the following operations where these take place as part of a tourist package as defined in article L. 211-2 :

a) Booking and sale of air travel tickets or other regular service travel tickets;

b) Seasonal furnished lets, which are governed by the aforementioned law no. 70-9 of 2 January 1970 and by the texts taken for its application.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The seller shall inform the interested parties, in writing prior to concluding the contract, of the content of the services offered in relation to the provision of transport and the break, the price and payment terms, the contract cancellation terms and the border crossing terms.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The seller is bound by the prior information requirement set out in article L. 211-8, unless changes to this information have been made in writing and are brought to the knowledge of the interested parties before concluding the contract.Changes may only be made to the prior information if the seller expressly reserves the right to do this.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The contract concluded between the seller and the buyer must include, in accordance with the terms set by regulation, all information on the names and addresses of the organiser, the seller, the guarantor and the insurer, the description of the services provided, the reciprocal rights and obligations of the parties, particularly in terms of prices, schedules, payment terms and possible price changes, cancellation or assignment of the contract, and information provided to the buyer before the start of the trip or stay.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The buyer may assign their contract, after having informed the seller within a time period set by regulation before the start of the trip or stay, to a person meeting all the conditions required for the trip or stay. The assignor and assignee are jointly responsible towards the seller for payment of the balance of the price, as well as any additional fees resulting from this assignment.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
The prices set out in the contract may not be revised, unless the contract expressly makes provision for the possibility of a revision, either increase or decrease, and determines the precise methods of calculation, solely to take account of variations:
a) In the cost of transport, in particular linked to the cost of fuel;

b) Charges and taxes relating to the services offered, such as landing, boarding or disembarkment taxes at ports and airports;

c) Exchange rates applied to the trip or stay in question.During the thirty days preceding the planned departure date, the price set in the contract may not be increased.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1If, before departure, the seller is unable to comply with one of the essential terms of the contract due to an external event beyond their control, they must alert the buyer as soon as possible and inform them of their right to either terminate the contract, or accept the amendment proposed by the seller.

This notice and information must be confirmed in writing to the buyer, who must state their choice as soon as possible. If they terminate the contract, the buyer is entitled to a full refund of the sums they have paid, without incurring any penalties or fees.

This article shall also apply in the event of a significant change to the price in the contract implemented in accordance with the terms set out in article L. 211-12.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
If, before departure, the seller terminates the contract in the absence of any fault on the part of the buyer, all sums paid by the latter shall be returned to them, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by them.


Amended by LAW no. 2009-888 of 22 July 2009 - art. 1
If, after departure, one of the essential terms of the contract cannot be met, the seller must offer the buyer services as a replacement for those which they have not supplied, except where this can be proven to be impossible.

The seller shall cover any resulting price supplements or shall refund the difference in price between the services planned and the services supplied.

If the buyer does not accept the proposed change, the seller must provide them with the travel tickets they need for their return journey, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by them.

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