How to go from Aomori to Akita ? 

With a Japan Rail Pass

beautiful scenery of the japanese countryside 

The Nebute Matsuri in Aomori with a Japan Rail pass
If on the first part of the journey the JR trains from Aomori to Akita via Odate run through residential areas, the landscape gradually opens up to reveal beautiful scenery of the Japanese countryside. The main sight from the train is Mt. Iwaki, spiritual symbol of the area. Look out for it in the distance, to the right, about 20 minutes after leaving Aomori. Connections are sometimes needed in Hirosaki and Odate. There are only 3 direct train per day ( Limited express Tsugaru)

This route is covered by the Japan Rail Pass, the JR East Pass Tohoku Area, the JR Tohoku South Hokkaido Rail Pass, the JR East South Hokkaido Rail Pass.

From Aomori to Akita with a Japan Rail Pass
4 KM - 0h05 - SHIN-AOMORI STATIONThe shinkansen station of Aomori City. From Shin Aomori you can reach Shin Hakodate with the Hokkaido Shinkansen
37 KM - 0h33 - HIROSAKI stationKnown as the first apple production area in Japan, Hirosaki is the perfect place to sip a delicious apple wine, sparkling and refreshing. Do not miss Hirosaki Castle: thousands of cherry trees are planted around the castle grounds, making it one of Japan’s most spectacular cherry blossom spots. The trees are usually in bloom in late April to early May. It is located 15 minutes west of the JR Hirosaki Station by the Dotemachi Loop Bus. Get off at the Shiyakusho-mae bus stop.
To go around Hirosaki, there a Tsugaru Free Pass.
Do not miss the Neputa Matsuri at the beginning of August. 
Hirosaki Castle
81 KM - 1h11 - ODATE STATIONDog enthusiasts will be happy to visit the hometown of the famous Japanese Akita dogs.
99 KM- 1h26 - TAKANOSU stationFrom here to Moritake, you can enjoy the typical scenery of rice fields in the foreground and pine trees in the distance.
112 KM- 1h37 - FUTATSUI stationFutatsui is famous for having the tallest virgin cedar tree in Japan, as well as a hill, Kimimachi-zaka — named by the Emperor when he came to visit the town. Kimimachi-zaka is especially well-known for its autumn leaves, and the park that covers the hill is extensive and well maintained.
185 KM- 2h40 - AKITA stationIn Akita you can carry on your journey to Morioka with the Akita Shinkansen and to Niigata with the Limited express Inaho along the coast.
discover AOMORI
What to see in Aomori ?

What to see ?
Aomori City is a port town, which used to be the main departure point to the northern-most island Hokkaido, from Honshu. Today Aomori is best-known for its spectacular Nebuta Matsuri, held every year from August 2nd to 7th. The highlight of the festival is the daily parade of enormous lantern floats, flanked by large taiko drums, cheerful musicians and vigorous dancers. Participation in the parade is highly encouraged, and people come from all over Japan to join it. One requirement though: you have to wear the traditional haneto dancing costume. Don’t worry, it can be bought at any grocery store around the area for about ¥5000 or rented from rental stores around town for about ¥3000. The Nebuta Matsuri parade route is a three kilometer loop around central Aomori and is a 5-minute walk from JR Aomori Station. 
Where to stay in Aomori?

Where to stay ?
Hotel right next to Oirase Stream, surronded by beautiful nature and mountains. They have excellent baths with hot spring water directly from Mt. Hakkoda. Free pick up service available from JR-Shin Aomori Station
231 Aza-Tochikubo, Oaza Okuse, Towada-shi, Aomori 034-0398
01-7674-1111 or 50-3786-1144 (Hoshino Resorts Reservation Center)

5 minutes on foot from Aomori Station. The hotel is located in the heart of Aomori City, right beside the famous Uosai (morning market).
1-6-18 Shin-machi, Aomori, 030-0801 
Tel: 01-7722-4321 / www.kokusai-hotel.co.jp 
Where to eat in Aomori ?

Where to eat ?
Just a few minutes south of the station, this big fish market serves tons of fresh fish on top of rice for a very low price. From the east exit of Aomori Station, walk south and turn left at the Family Mart onto Shinmachi-dori. Take the next right and continue on past the traffic light; the fish market will be on the left.
Open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Tuesdays.
Tel: 01-7763-0085 /http://nokkedon.jp/nokkedon/

Named after Aomori’s most famous produce, the apple, Ringoya actually serves another very famous product of northern Japan — lamb. From the station’s east exit, walk straight down Shinmachi-dori. Ringoya is on the left, just before the traffic light and a big intersection.
Open 5 p.m. to midnight. Closed Sundays.
Tel: 01-7775-5776 

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