The Resort Shirakami Train

resort shirakami

The Japan Railways have countless scenic views from their trains that you experience all over the country, but the Resort Shirakami in particular is a special experience.

This train is designed to give you the best possible view of the Shirakami Sanchi, a vast protected forest and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This train goes from Akita Station to Hirosaki Station in Aomori Prefecture, passing through mountains and beautiful seascapes.

The Resort Shirakami is not the most efficient way to go between these two prefectures; rather, it is intended specifically so that you can gaze at the ocean or the rolling mountains.

This train slows down at times when it passing by a view of note, and takes a total of 5 hours to get from one end to the other.
In the winter and summer seasons (when the landscape is at its most beautiful), the train runs about 3 times per day. This makes it possible to get on and off the train, perhaps for a stop at Koganesaki Furofushi Onsen, or to see the 12 lakes, or Juniko.

In spring and autumn, the train only runs once a day, so check the schedule before you go!

This train is also physically designed so that passengers can enjoy the views. The cars have floor-to-ceiling, giant windows, as well as comfortable reclining seats. Families can even book a booth, with your own private window and a little table. Reservations are mandatory, so be sure to take your Japan Rail Pass or JR East Pass to the nearest JR East ticket office.

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