Keihin-Tohoku Line 京浜東北線

  • Published on : 02/02/2016
  • by : Japan Experience

Read a guide to the Keihin-Tohoku-Negishi Line, a train line operated by Japan Rail, that connects Saitama in the north with Tokyo and, further south, with Kanagawa prefecture.

55,3 - 1H03 - Shin-Koyasu Station 新子安

There are no transfers at Shin-Koyasu Station; however Keikyū-Shinkoyasu Station on the Keikyū Line adjoins the station on the south-east side.


57,5 KM - 1H08 - Higashi-Kanagawa Station 東神奈川

Kanagawa Ward Office, Yokohama, is 5-6 minutes walk west of the West Exit.

Transfer at Higashi-Kanagawa Station to the Yokohama Line.

Keikyū Higashi-Kanagawa Station, previously known as Nakakido Station, on the Keikyū Line adjoins the station on the south-east side.


59,3 KM - 1H00 - Yokohama Station 横浜

Yokohama City

Transfer at Yokohama Station to the Negishi Line, Tōkaidō Main Line, Shōnan–Shinjuku Line, Yokosuka Line, Yokohama Line, Keikyū Main Line, Tokyū Toyoko Line, Sagami Railway ("Sotetsu"), Sagami Railway Main Line, Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line (B20), and the Minatomirai Line.

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