How to get from Osaka to Fukuoka

Go from the largest city in Kansai to the largest city in Kyushu with the Shinkansen bullet train! 

Trip Duration Approx. 2 hours 30 mins
to 4 hours 30 mins
First & Last Departure 6:00 AM/9:23 PM
💶 Cost From 15,080 to 15,820 yen
🚆 Distance 607 kilometers
🚉 Departing/Arriving Station Shin-Osaka/
Hakata Station
Nozomi Shinkansen Bullet TrainMizuho Shinkansen Bullet TrainHikari Shinkansen Bullet TrainSakura Shinkansen Bullet Train

Reserve Shinkansen tickets from Osaka to Fukuoka!

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Oversized Baggage on the Shinkansen

There are several guidelines that must be fulfilled in order for passengers with significant baggage to board the bullet train. As mandated by Japan Railway, luggage over 160 cm in total length, width, and height must be checked into the special large baggage area at the rear of the train car. Owners of such luggage are also required to book seats close to this area. Please take note that no luggage over 250 cm in total size is permitted on the Shinkansen bullet train. 

Baby carriages, musical instruments in cases, and sports equipment (bikes, snowboards, etc.) also in cases are among the items that are exempt from these luggage regulations.

Dimensions for luggage on the Shinkansen bullet train

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But amongst the urban hustle and bustle of metropolitan Osaka, there is also a rich history tied to the DNA of Japan. The ancient Mozu Tombs are notable for their distinctive, key-shaped design and lush greenery that stands out among the surrounding urban scenery. Also, the Tower of the Sun sculpture designed by Taro Okamoto for the World Expo in 1970 stands as an icon of the city’s past. Be sure to visit and relax in the commemorative park it resides in as well as the art museum nearby! And for those looking for a bit of a trek out for a day trip, the nearby Himeji Castle is sure to impress! The castle itself is located actually in Hyogo Prefecture, about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Osaka’s center via train out to Himeji Station then one additional bus. First erected in 1333 then instated as one of the first UNESCO Heritage Sites in Japan in 1993, this is an essential destination for those out spending time in Osaka. 




Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan


Since Hakata Station is where a vast majority of visitors to the city will be arriving, it’s definitely worth the time to highlight nearby attractions that can be checked out immediately and with ease! The next-door Canal City Mall is great for some shopping and picking up souvenirs, but near these two modern symbols of the city, Hakata’s rich past involving Japan’s spiritual history can be seen! There are a number of great Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines to visit, such as Kushida Shrine, known for its luxuriously decorated float, and Tocho-ji Temple, notable for its five-story-tall pagoda. See a more comprehensive history at the Hakata Folklore Museum, just a short walk away from the station. Deviate a bit from the building-dense inner city and visit Ohori Garden, complete with a tranquil, still pond at its center and a landscape garden. It’s also home to a number of waterfalls that decorate the garden. This is said to be the representative park of Fukuoka, frequented by locals to relax and take in the scenery. 

Hakata Ramen preparation

Hakata Ramen preparation


Fukuoka City


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