How to go from Sapporo to Asahikawa with a Japan Rail Pass ? 

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Travel in Hokkaido with the Limited Express Kamui or Limited Express Lilac

Trains from Sapporo to Asahikawa are quite frequent. Let 's go north !

Trains from Sapporo to Asahikawa are quite frequent (Limited Express Kamui and Limited Express Lilac). Views at the beginning of the journey are not so impressive, as it takes some time to leave Sapporo, but then you will begin to see the open spaces once again.

0 KM - SAPPORO station

41 KM - 0h25 - IWAMIZAWA station

It lies along the levee of the Ikushunbetsu River. Iwamizawa developed around the railway station built on the levee in 1882. With the opening of three other railway lines by 1914, the town became an important transportation center connected with the nearby Ishikari Coalfield. Despite the decline in the coal-mining industry, the city continues to be a prosperous local administrative and commercial center. Food processing, brewing, and ceramics manufacturing are the city’s main industries.

Odori Sapporo

Odori Sapporo

©Jason Goh, Pixabay

84 KM - 0H52 - TAKIKAWA station

The town is conveniently situated at the point at which the Ishikari River, Japan’s third longest river, merges with the Sorachi River, making it a sought after destination for all manner of water sports. This small city is known for its heavy snowfall in winter.

Change here to reach Furano. 

107 KM - 1H05 - FUKAGAWA station

Most visitors stop here to access Mt. Kamui, a popular ski resort, technically in Asahikawa, but only minutes away from Fukagawa by car or bus.


In Asahikawa, you can go north to Wakkanai, east to Abashiri or reach Biei famous for the beautiful lavender fields in summer.



©ken shono, unsplash

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