How to go from Asahikawa to Wakkanai ?

Access to the most northern city in Japan

LIMITED Express SUPER SOYA between asahikawa and wakkanai

Asahikawa with a Japan Rail Pass
The route is covered by the Super Soya Service, a limited express train which runs between Sapporo and Wakkanai and the Sarobetsu Service, which runs between Asahikawa and Wakkanai.

0 KM - ASAHIKAWA station54 km - 0H28 - WASSAMU stationWithin the vicinity of the station you can find a small ski area and South Hill Forest Park with a lake for canoeing and fishing. You can also visit the former residence of Miura Ayako, a Japanese novelist who published over 80 works. Her debut novel was published in 1964 and won the Asahi Shimbun’s Ten Million Yen Award that year. 
Rebun Island
76 KM - 0h54 - NAYORO stationThe vast sunflower fields make it a nice spot to visit in late July to mid-August. It has attracted the attention of various media, and the city was used as the filming location for the movie Hoshi Mamoru Inu (Star Protector Dog).Very snowy winters mean incredible snow sculptures area part of the Nayoro Snow Festival each year. The town is also home to the Kitasubaru Nayoro Astronomical Observatory. The observatory’s exhibition-space displays real-time solar telescope images, showcases the previous planetarium’s projector andprovides information about Hideo Kihara (1911–1993) – a key figure in the development of astronomical observation in Nayoro.

98 km - 1H15 - BIFUKA stationThis is home to the Bifuka Sturgeon Museum,a small facility which maintains eight species of sturgeon fish.Sturgeon were found in the Teshio River as far as Bifuka,until the Meiji Period.
Rishiri Island
199 km - 2h46 - HORONOBE stationThe word Horonobe originates from Poro-Nup. InAinu language, poro means large and nup means grassland. Thenorth 45° latitude passes through this town and is marked bya monument. Horonobe is also known for its reindeer;you can visit the Reindeer Ranch (398-1 Hokushin, Horonobecho,a 5-minute taxi ride from the station), and its wind turbineslocated on the beaches.
216 km - 3H - TOYOTOMI stationThis is an access point to visit the Sarobetsu Plain.The plain is a marshy floodplain on the Sea of Japan, formed bythe Teshio River and the Sarobetsu River. The Sarobetsu Plainwas added to the Ramsar List of Wetlands of InternationalImportance in 2005. They are home to more than 100 kinds offlowers and offer beautiful and much photographed scenery.

259 KM - 3H46 - WAKKANAI station
discover Wakkanai
What to see in Wakkanai ?

What to see ?

Thirty kilometers from Wakkanai, this cape is mainland Japan’s most northern point. The cape is also a good spot for bird watchers. There are four return buses each day,departing from JR Wakkanai Station (one hour each way, ¥2430).

These two islands, Rishiri-to and Rebun-to, are the main attraction of the area, featuring native wild flowers, beautiful landscapes andfantastic hiking for all levels of hiker. To get to Rishiri or Rebun, take a ferry from Wakkanai (2nd class one way tickets to Rishiri or Rebun, ¥2200).

This is a large park on the grassy hills west of the town, from where you can get good views of the sea. Thereare nice walking trails to explore. If you are here during Hanami, there are more than 4 000 wild cherry trees in the park. To getan even better view you can go to the top of the 70-meter-high Motoe Hiraku Centennial Memorial Tower (daily, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Jul-Sep, until 9 p.m.) for a 360° view. You can sometimes even see Sakhalin in Russia.
Where to stay in Wakkanai

Where to Stay ?

4 minutes on foot from WakkanaiStation. It is reasonable, comfortable and a great location.Enjoy the hot spring on the top floor.
2-7-13 Chuo, Wakkanai, Hokkaido, 097-0022
Tel : 01-6224-5489/ www.hotespa.net/hotels/wakkanai

Only 3minutes on foot from Wakkani Station. The rooms face the oceangiving a good view.
1-2-2 Kaiun, Wakkanai, Hokkaido, 097-0023
Tel: 01-6223-8111/ https://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/reservation
Where to eat in Wakkanai ?

Where to eat ?

PECHIKA ペチカ A small but popular Russian restaurant, whoseproprietor will often sing in both Japanese and Russian.Located south, down the main street from Wakkanai Station.
Open 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., closed Tuesdays.
Tel: 01-6223-7070/ http://www.wakkanai-fukukou.com/pechika/index.html

SUSHI RYU 寿司竜 Fresh sushi located really close to Wakkanai Station. From the station, walk east; it is across the road from the post office.
Open daily, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Tel : 01-6223-5631

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