The Lavendar Farm station

In the heart of Hokkaido

travel from furano to biei

Travel to Furano and Biei with a Japan Rail Pass
The area near Furano and Biei is famous for its beautiful flowers blooming in July and August. The Lavender Farm Station, which is the nearest station to the lavender farm, is only open from June to September ( June 9 to september 24 in 2018).
How to reach Furano ? To reach Furano, you can take the Furano Lavander Express from Sapporo Station (2h) or ride the limited Express Kamui or Lilac to Takikawa and from Takikawa take a local train to Furano.

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The green train Norokko
HOW TO REACH BIEI ?To reach Biei, you can take the limited express Kamui or Lilac to Asahikawa. In Asahikawa, take a local train to Biei.
BETWEEN FURANO AND BIEILocal trains are running between Furano and Biei on the JR Furano Line. 
Trains to the lavender farm station in Hokkaido
TRAINS TO THE LAVENDER farm STATIONThe lavender farm station is 9 km from Furano (230 yens). You have to ride a character trains to reach the station.

The Rapid Furano Miei train is riding every day from June 30 to August 12, 2018 between Asahikawa, Biei, the lavender Farm and Furano.

The green Furano Biei Norroko Train is operating between Furano and Biei a few days in June and September and everyday between June 23 and August 19.
The Furano Bien Rail TicketThe Furano Bien Rail Ticket allows you to board any local train during 4 days.
Price : 6500 yen (3200 yen between 6 and 11 years)
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