Keio Line & Keio New Line 京王線と新京王線

Keio Line Train

Keio Line train in service.


Japan Railway: Keio Line

The Keio Line is a private railway line in Tokyo connecting Shinjuku Station in Shinjuku with the western suburbs of Chofu, Fuchu and Keio-Hachioji.

Here are some useful tips for using the Keio Line in Tokyo.

1. First buy a pre-paid IC card, such as a Suica or Pasmo. They require a refundable 500 yen initial charge, but make train & subway use infinitely easier than having to buy a paper ticket at a station whenever you ride a train. You only need to touch your card for a second on the sensor at the ticket wicket as you pass through.

2. If you are purchasing a regular ticket, touch the button displaying the fare to your destination. Wait for the purchase display to appear. Insert coins or notes into the ticket machine and collect your ticket (and change, if any).

3. Mind your manners. Don't eat or drink on the train, don't put luggage on the seat beside you, don't talk on your cell phone, and if you're talking to people, try and keep it subdued.

IC card charging machine, Tobitakyu Station, Tokyo

IC card charging machine, Tobitakyu Station, Tokyo

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