How to go from Beppu to Aso? 

  • Published on : 21/09/2022
  • by : Japan Experience

Panoramic volcanic scenery abound

The journey from Beppu to Aso will take you through Japan's volcanic areas. You've got a few options for this trip, but rest assured - no matter which one you choose, you'll get to enjoy some of the most impressive views in Japan, all from the comfort of your seat!

0 km - Beppu station

Beppu is the second most volcanic area in the world, after Yellowstone. Thanks to the heat, over 3 000 onsen (hot springs) pepper the city with their pearly plumes of steam. See below for more information.

12 km - 0h10 - Oita station

The Japanese come from all over the country to the hot spring city of Oita - a busy port on the inland sea, facing the island of Shikoku - to enjoy the famous fugu (puffer fish). Change here to the JR Kyudai Line for the small hot spring resort town of Yufuin.
You can also reach Fukuoka (Hakata Station) with the Limited Express Sonic from this station.

60 km - 1h15 - Ogata station

You'll find the Harajiri Falls nearby. Though they're nicknamed the "eastern Niagara Falls", they're quite a bit smaller than the name would imply, at only 20 meters high.

85 km - 1h45 - Bungo-Ogi station

You should definitely stop here for lunch if you get the chance. Here, you'll get the chance to try the Oita region's bungo beef. Its flavors rival that of the world-famous kobe beef!

Must-sees on the journey from Beppu to Aso
Beppu, 2nd most volcanic area in the world
The thermal city of Oita
The spectacular (but small!) Harajiri Falls
The Aso Shrine, home of the Hifuri Shinji festival
The Aso Caldera and its 5 volcanic peaks
A map of the itinerary

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