Can Japanese Nationals use the JR Pass?

JR PAss  eligibility

Japanese Passport
The Japan Rail Pass is by definition a rail pass for people of non-Japanese nationality who want to visit Japan for tourism.

Until March 31, 2017 Japanese nationals are permitted to use the JR Pass and Kyushu Regional Rail Pass under certain strict criteria if they can provide the documents to prove their eligibility when they exchange the voucher for the pass.

Japanese nationals are not permitted to use any other of the Regional JR Passes, only the JR Kyushu Pass.

Japanese nationals living outside of Japan can use the Japan Rail Pass and Kyushu Rail Pass under one of the two conditions below:
  • They live outside of Japan with a permanent resident visa 
  • The are married to a non-Japanese citizen and both living outside of Japan 

In order to prove this status, at the time of exchange, they must present sufficient documentation to prove one of the two conditions above which we detail in the page: Recommendations to Japanese Nationals

Please note that Japanese nationals are not eligible to use any of the Regional JR Passes except the JR Kyushu Pass.

From March 31, 2017, the Japan Rail Pass will no longer be sold to any Japanese citizen. The voucher will still be exchangeable within the validity period of three months. Vouchers won't be exchangeable after June 30, 2017 anymore.

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