What is a Japan Rail Pass?

japan rail pass

A Japan Rail Pass is a personal train ticket specifically designed for foreign travelers who wish to visit Japan.
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What does it give access to?

It provides access to all train lines operated by Japan Railways (JR) throughout Japan (with the exception of some high-speed trains including the 'Nozomi' Shinkansen) for a period of 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

Where to use it?

The Japanese railway network consists in more than 20 000 km of track. With this ticket you can reach the main attractions on the 4 main islands of the Japanese archipelago.

When to use it?

The Japan Rail Pass can be used 24/7, all year long, even if it is sometimes difficult to get a seat during the holiday periods:
  • From December 28th to January 6th: New year holiday during which most Japanese go back to their hometowns
  • From April 27th to May 6th: 'Golden week', time during which Japanese people travel in the country 
  • Around August 15th: 'O-bon Festival', which brings families together.

In addition to the National Japan Rail Pass, other regional ones can be bought (JR Hokkaido Rail Pass, JR East Pass, JR Kansai area Pass, JR Sanyo area Pass and JR Kyushu Rail Pass) but are only valid for a specific region.
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