How to go from Akita to Niigata ? 

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The Kanto Matsuri in Akita with a Japan Rail Pass
Facing Sado island, Niigata is often called the ‘City of water’ because of the two rivers owing through it, its position next to the Japan Sea, its many wetlands, and the canals that used to run through the old town. Skirting the coast, the route from Niigata to Akita with the Limited Express Inaho has the same theme.

0 KM - AKITA station68 KM - 0H54 - KISAKATA stationFrom Kisakata and for 40 km, you will have beautiful views to the left of the mountains in Chokai National Park. One of them is Mt. Chokai (2236 m), a semi-dormant volcano known as the Mt. Fuji of Akita. As the train enters Yamagata Prefecture, mountains give way to the coast, with views out to sea on the right.
105 KM - 1H26 - SAKATA stationA large port town located at the mouth of the Mogami-gawa River.
Mount Chokai
117 KM - 1H37 - AMARUME stationAmarume Station is a stop on the Uetsu Line and also the terminus for the Riku Saisen Line running east to Shinjo. If you want to go back to Tokyo, change here for a local train to Shinjo (50 min), from where you can pick up the shinkansen which runs via Yamagata south to the capital.

132 KM - 1H47 - TSURUOKA stationThe nearest station to the Dewa-Sanzan mountain chain (Three Mountains of Dewa), of which the most famous peak is Mt. Haguro (414 m), considered to be home to the kami, the spirits honored in the Japanese indigenous religion, Shinto. If you wish to undertake a spiritual cleansing, follow the crowd of pilgrims and hop on one of the buses that take 45 minutes from Tsuruoka station to Mt. Haguro.
Mt Haguro
162 KM - 2h07 - ATSUMI-ONSEN stationIn between mountains and the coast, Atsumi served as a border checkpoint for travelers more than 1000 years ago. Nowadays, the town is a hot spring resort.

212 km - 2H48 - MURAKAMI stationThe railway line runs along the coast as far as Murakami. Unfortunately, the many tunnels prevent passengers from enjoying the landscape.

273 KM - 3h35 - NIIGATA stationNiigata is also the departure station for the Joetsu Shinkansen to Tokyo and  the Genbi Shinkansen to Echigo-Yuzawa .
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What to see in Akita ?

What to see ?
The city is best-known for hosting the Kanto Matsuri, a large festival at the beginning of August (3rd to 6th). The highlight of the festival is an impressive display of skill in which performers balance kanto (long bamboo poles) with arrays of paper lanterns a ached to the end. The main events of the festival, the Night Parades, are held each evening along Chuo-dori in the center of the city. The various performing groups, carrying nearly 250 kanto poles, line up on the street, and when a signal is given, the poles are all raised up at once and the performers show o their skills. Chuo-dori is about a 15-minute walk west of Akita Station.
Where to stay in Akita ?

Where to stay ?
One minute on foot from Akita Station. The closest hotel to the station. Special discount for Japan Rail Pass holders.
7-2-1 Naka-dori, Akita, 010-8530
Tel / 01-8831-2222 / http://www.jrhotelgroup.com/en/104.html

Only 5 minutes on foot away from Akita station, the hotel is convenient, well-equiped and clean with high quality service.
2-2-26 Naka-dori, Akita, 010-0001
Tel : 01-8884-0055/ http://akita.richmondhotel.jp

A unique hot spring destination in the beautiful Yuze Valley, not far from the best sightseeing locations in the region. Guests can relax in the hot springs and indulge in traditional Japanese cooking at the restaurant. Rooms are well appointed and sta are friendly and helpful.
43 Yuze Yutan Hachimantai, Kazuno, Akita, 018-5141
Tel : 01-8633-2311/www.yuzehotel.jp
Where to eat in Akita ?

Where to eat ?
Akita’s famous inaniwa udon very close to the station. From the west exit of Akita Station, head west on the main road, Akita Chuo Road. It is on the left on the basement floor of Akita View Hotel.
Open daily, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Tel : 01-8834-1720 / www.sato-yoske.co.jp/home.html

Local Akita cuisine served in an elegant and traditional se ing. From the station’s west exit, turn le and follow the road as it veers to the right.At the tra c light, turn le , then take the first right. The restaurant is on the next corner, on the right.
Open daily, 5 p.m. to midnight. 
Tel : 01-8837-0505 / marutomisuisan.jpn.com/nagaya-akita

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