Hibiya Line 東京地下鉄日比谷線

  • Published on : 26/02/2016
  • by : Japan Experience

Hibiya Line: the Hibiya Line of the Tokyo Metro runs from Kita-Senju in the north east to Naka-Meguro in Meguro-ku in the south west of Tokyo.

16,2 KM - 00H38 - Iriya Station 入谷駅 H-19

There are no changes at Iriya. Iriya Station is near Onoterusaki Shrine, which has its own miniature "Mt. Fuji" and is famous as a shrine for actors and scholars seeking advancement.

17,4 KM - 00H40 - Minowa Station 三ノ輪駅 H-20

Change here for the Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden-Arakawa Line).

18,2 KM - 00H42 - Minami-Senju Station南千住駅 H-21

Change here for the Jōban Line and Tsukuba Express. Minami-Senju Station has a large railway yard just to its east.

20,3 KM - 00H45 - Kita-Senju Station Kita-Senju Station 北千住駅 H-22

Read more about Kita-Senju Station. Change here for the Jōban Line, Tsukuba Express, Chiyoda Line, Tōbu Skytree Line - the through service for Tōbu Dōbutsu Kōen (Tōbu Zoo) and Minami-Kurihashi on the Tōbu Nikkō Line.


Tokyo Subway exit guide

Tokyo Subway exit guide

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