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Japan Rail Pass - Is it worth it?

The popular Japan Rail Pass will be seeing a price increase in October of 2023. If your trip to Japan is scheduled for October or beyond, then you may have to bear a substantial price hike on JR Pass.

Read up more on the details for this update and how it affects visitors to Japan. 

The special ticket grants unlimited access to these transportation facilities (except for the Mizuho and Tokaido Bullet Train) that can quickly add up in expense when using individual tickets. As of now, the National JR Pass comes in the form of 7, 14, and 21 day passes. 

Rates start at 227 USD, and within that one payment, JR-operated facilities can be ridden freely. This is for the standard National version that allows access to the Ordinary Cars (Reserved or Non-Reserved), however, there exists a version for the Green Car that starts at 303 USD and allows access to more luxurious, reservation-only seats. The ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility granted by the pass has made it a very popular option for travelers. 

In a recent announcement, Japan Railways is seeing an increase in base price. So, in this article, we'll be going into detail about the changes made in addition to what they mean to those planning travels to Japan. 

JR Map

Map of the JR Lines throughout Japan

@Japanese Trains

Type Current Price New Price (as from October, 2023)
Regular 7-day Pass 29,650 yen 50,000 yen
Regular 14-day Pass 47,250 yen 80,000 yen
Regular 21-day Pass 60,450 yen 100,000 yen
Green 7-day Pass 39,600 yen 70,000 yen
Green 14-day Pass 64,120 yen 111,000 yen
Green 21-day Pass 83,390 yen 140,000 yen

The Japan Rail Pass, if purchased through an official distributor such as Japan Experience, is available to buy three months prior to activation and usage.

This means that tourists who are making plans for up to the end of December in 2023 can still buy a voucher, make an exchange after arriving, and use the it at the more affordable, pre-update prices. This is definitely an advantageous option for those still making arrangements before 2023 ends. 

midori no madoguchi

Sign for a Japan Rail Office (Midori no Madoguchi)


Kansai Wide Area Pass

It covers a large span of cities and destinations with access to the Sanyo Shinkansen.

Additionally, the pass can be used on the Haruka Express coming from Kansai National Airport, providing beneficial features from the get-go. Kansai is one of Japan's most famous regions that offers a large variety of locales and environments to see first-hand. Prices go for 75 USD for 5 days.

East Tohoku Area Pass

It grants access to destinations such as Iwate, Aomori, and Akita while simultaneously providing service within and from Tokyo, including some Shinkansen that lead into the northern part of Honshu.

In terms of sheer coverage, the East Tohoku Area Pass is very difficult to best, essentially allowing travel to 13 different prefectures and 6 different bullet trains.

All Kyushu Pass

It allows travelers to visit all 7 prefectures of the island, famous for its rich culinary culture, warm onsens, and artisanal ceramics.

On this pass, the only uneligible bullet train is that of the Sanyo, however, all other JR Kyushu Lines can be ridden plus more for 138 USD.

Discover More of Japan with Our Regional Pass

The perfect alternative to Japan Rail Pass for exploring local treasures!

  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel

A nation as rich in culture and experiences as Japan should be explored to its fullest, and the JR Pass is, and will continue to be, a cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use option for visitors. However, we encourage those preparing for their trips to carefully look into their itineraries and consider the costs of travel that can arise to really see if the value remains after the update.  

For those making travel plans even as late as December of 2023, the current prices are still applicable if a voucher is reserved and purchased before the update is instituted and the activation date is at least three months after. 

For those who’s itineraries do not benefit from the National iteration, Regional Transportation Tickets are worth researching as any means of simplifying and cutting down the costs of transit are worth considering.


Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass

©Cheng-en Cheng,https://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/flicker/,CC BY-SA 2.0,https://www.flickr.com/photos/rail02000/15783656213/

From the Kansai region, a trip to the historic Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture can be done via the Thunderbird Rapid Train line which is also fully covered. A one-way trip via this train is around 8,250 JPY for a reserved seat.

Exploration of Kanazawa can be a great day trip or overnight adventure (or longer, of course), and from here, exploring the rest of Hokuriku via way of Toyama (a rural prefecture famous for some of the country's best seafood) can be made. This would typically go for around 4,140 JPY. And from here, pass-holders can go to make a trip to Nagano Prefecture, which would typically cost 9,190 JPY with a reserved seat.

Nagano is one of the most geographically large prefectures in Japan and boasts beautiful mountain scenery and a capital city that hosted the Olympics in 1998. From Nagano, the trip back to Tokyo can be made to explore the city and tie up any loose-ends. This Shinkansen ride comes to around 9,710 JPY, and any JR transit within Tokyo are all covered. 

The transit between the major destinations in this itinerary equate to a little over 61,000 JPY, without incorporation of local transit and transit from the airport. But in addition to the savings made, the flexibility and ease of use with the JR Pass is a big bonus that should not be overlooked.


Japan Rail Pass Itinerary
Japan Rail Pass Itinerary
Japan Rail Pass Itinerary
Japan Rail Pass Itinerary
Japan Rail Pass Itinerary
Japan Rail Pass Itinerary
Japan Rail Pass Itinerary
Japan Rail Pass Itinerary

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